“Cut open the stomach, take out the pups, and freeze the mother dog”… ‘Legal’ site raided

It was revealed that cruel abuses took place at a licensed dog breeding farm, such as cutting open the stomachs of pregnant mothers, removing only the pups, and freezing or burying the bodies of dead dogs in the mountains behind them. We.act

, an animal rescue group , announced that it received a report that serious animal abuse was taking place at a dog breeding farm in Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, and raided the site together with the Gyeonggi-do Special Judicial Police Team on the 1st to rescue 1,410 dogs. . The breeding farm was breeding 1,000 more dogs than permitted conditions in a narrow and poor space.

At the scene, not only the mother dog with its abdomen cut open, but also nearly 100 corpses wrapped in newspaper were found in the freezer, and dogs in poor health, including skin diseases and hair loss, were discovered.

It is reported that the breeding farm killed dogs with low commercial value using muscle relaxants, stored them in the freezer, and illegally incinerated the carcasses안전놀이터 in a landfill behind the breeding farm.

The informant, who was an employee at the breeding farm, reported, “When the pregnant dog collapsed from malnutrition, they cut its stomach open with a stationery cutter and forcibly took out the pups and sold them.”

Gyeonggi Province decided to protect the rescued dogs by distributing them to Yeoju Gaeonmaru, a pet culture complex, and Hwaseong Assistance Dog Sharing Center.

Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Dong-yeon said on SNS on the afternoon of the 2nd , “Yesterday, about 1,500 dogs were rescued from a breeding farm in Hwaseong City. “It was a scene of truly horrific animal abuse,” he said. “Gyeonggi Province immediately took all possible measures. “A special judicial police team was immediately dispatched to the scene, and the Livestock and Animal Welfare Bureau protected the dogs at the scene,” he said.

He then emphasized, “The dogs rescued from the terrible scene are now being transported to ‘Gangyeomaru Yeoju’,” adding, “The level of animal welfare in Korea must now be raised to the next level.”

The Gyeonggi Province Special Envoy plans to take strong administrative measures, including business suspension, against the business in question.

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