Actors Cho Jin-woong and Hong Beom also responded to the controversy, saying, “It’s so miserable… I’m laughing because it’s so absurd.”

Actor Cho Jin-woong expressed his feelings about the controversy over the bust안전놀이터 of General Hong Beom-do, saying, “It’s so ridiculous that I’m going to laugh.” Mr. Cho participated in the process of repatriating the remains of General Hong Beom-do to Korea as a national special envoy.

In an interview with <News Tomato> on the 11th, Jin-woong Cho said, “When a person expresses an opinion or thought about a certain situation, or when a question, doubt, or controversy becomes the topic of conversation, the topic must be accurate and universally valid. “However, this situation does not fall within the scope of logical standards in the normal category. It is so pitiful that I am even answering this question myself,” Mr. Cho said. He then addressed the government officials who caused the current controversy

. “To those who raised questions, have you truly understood the great intentions of our ancestors who risked their lives to build this country?” he said. “Are we confident in this land that we risked our lives to protect? This emotional appeal is now being made.” “Is this the right town for this time?” he asked.

Mr. Cho said, “I won’t have heartache, I won’t hit the bare ground with my fist, I won’t drink and lament,” and “I will just laugh. I will laugh because it is ridiculous. I will laugh so hard (both funny and sad) that I can’t raise my head.” “He said.

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