Bizplay Electronic Newspaper Open reduced to 36 hole competition

The Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour Biz Play · Electronic News Open (total prize money of 700 million won) was repeatedly disrupted by bad weather.

The tournament organizing committee postponed the second round of the tournament held at Cosmos Rings (par 72) in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 16th to the 17th and reduced the tournament to 36 holes. It has been 34 years since the Pocari Sweat Open in 1989 that a KPGA Tour tournament was held over 36 holes. This is the third 36-hole tournament, including the 1983 Busan Open.

As the tournament is reduced to 36 holes, only 75% of the total prize money will be paid to the players. However, Genesis points are awarded as is. According to KPGA tour regulations, the prize money is paid the same even if the tournament is reduced to 54 holes, but if it is reduced to 36 holes, only 75% is given, and if only 18 holes are played, 50% is distributed equally안전놀이터. If the tournament ends without any player completing 18 holes, 25% of the total prize money will be distributed equally. If only 18 holes are played or if 18 holes are not completed, it is not recognized as an official competition.

On this day, it rained so much that a heavy rain advisory was issued in the Yeongam-gun area. Only 3 out of 133 players completed the second round, and 66 did not even tee off. The course was locked due to heavy rain the previous day, so not a single player was able to tee off, and the tournament organizing committee postponed the second round match scheduled for the 15th, shortening the tournament from 72 to 54 holes, and eventually reduced it to 36 holes as bad weather continued that day.

Since the forecast calls for rain on the 17th, the competition organizing committee plans to hold the competition until Monday, the 18th. If the tournament continues until the 18th, it will be the third tournament to end on Monday in nine years, following the 2014 Korea Open and the Herald KYJ Tour Championship in the same year. At the time, the Korean Open had 72 holes, and the Herald KYJ Tour Championship was held until Monday and was held at 54 holes.

Meanwhile, Seong-ho Lee, who had reduced his score by 6 strokes to the 15th hole before the day was stopped, took the lead with a total of 11 under par. Ko Seok-wan (Canada), who finished 18 holes, hit 5 under par, tied for second place with Moon Gyeong-jun, who reduced 6 strokes from 12 holes, and Jeon Ga-ram, who reduced 4 strokes from 10 holes, with a total of 9 under par. Defending champion Choi Jin-ho reduced 3 strokes in 11 holes and chased the lead with a total of 7 under par.

Park Eun-shin and Korean Jeong Yun (USA), who hit 7 under par in the first round and were tied for the lead, did not even start the second round on this day. Seungtaek Lee, who was the co-leader in the first round, withdrew due to high fever and chills. Kim Bio, Park Sang-hyun, and Hangzhou Asian Games national team member Jo Woo-young also withdrew and packed their bags.

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