Six remorse statements without apology to the bereaved family… Incheon stalking murderer’s first trial

The first trial of a man in his 30s who stalked his ex-lover, went to her house, and murdered her was held today.

The victim’s family, who appeared in court, urged the perpetrator to be severely punished, saying he “still has not shown any remorse.”

Reporter Kim Hyun-ji covered the story.

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Mr. Seol, in his 30s, chased after his ex-girlfriend, harassed her, and eventually went to her house and killed her.

At the first trial held today, his lawyer said, “I acknowledge all of the prosecution’s charges and agree with all of the evidence.”

On July 17th, Seol killed his ex-lover, who was on her way to work, with a weapon prepared in advance at an apartment in Namdong-gu, Incheon.

When the victim screamed, ‘Please help me,’ the victim’s mother, who ran out in surprise, was also injured by Seol’s weapon.

Before committing the crime, Seol visited the victim several times.

Even though they received the 2nd and 3rd interim measure orders to ‘do not approach within 100m and prohibit access using telecommunications’, they ignored them.

The 6-year-old daughter, who witnessed the scene immediately after the crime, is currently receiving psychological treatment.

The prosecution emphasized, “Given that the method of the crime was planned and cruel, and that the psychological pain suffered by the bereaved family was significant, severe punishment is necessary.”

[Victim’s family]
<The charge of revenge murder was not applied. What do you think about this?>
“The bereaved family absolutely cannot accept that position. I believe they will judge it again.”

Mr. Seol, who appeared in court today wearing an ocher-colored shroud, just stared 안전놀이터straight ahead and did not react in any way throughout the trial.

[Victim’s family]
“In fact, the victim’s family was very surprised because he showed less reflection than expected. I thought he was a person who should be severely punished.”

Mr. Seol, who had not expressed any apology or regret when appearing in front of reporters, has issued reflection statements six times since being handed over to trial.

The victim’s side also submitted over 43,000 petitions from citizens calling for severe punishment.

The prosecution also requested an order to attach an electronic device, saying that even if Seol completes his sentence, the possibility of reoffending should be eliminated.

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