83kg concrete exterior wall ‘thud’ at Seun Shopping Mall… It fell on the feet of a merchant on the first floor.

A portion of the concrete exterior wall of Seun Shopping Mall in Jongno-gu, Seoul fell, seriously injuring the owner of a store on the first floor.

According to police and fire authorities on the 19th안전놀이터 a portion of the exterior wall weighing 83 kg fell from the 5th floor of this building around 2 PM on the instep of Mr. A, who is in his 60s.

In this accident, Mr. A, a merchant who runs a store on the first floor, suffered serious injuries to the point where his toes were almost amputated.

The district office estimates that the cause of the accident was the deterioration of the building. The district office reported that the Regional Building Safety Center conducted an on-site inspection and found that there was no risk of further collapse.

The police plan to investigate the details of the incident and whether the building management was negligent, based on closed-circuit ( CC ) TV and witness statements.

Seun Shopping Center, which was completed in 1968, was at risk of demolition in 2006 when the shopping area was designated as a redevelopment promotion zone. In 2009, Hyundai Shopping Mall, which was part of Sewoon Shopping Mall, was demolished, but the redevelopment plan was canceled in 2014 and the remaining buildings were left behind.

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