A male boss touched a male employee’s genitals… This is the place where ‘workplace bullying’ is caught

At Test Tech, a company specializing in the inspection of semiconductor package substrates, it was found that verbal abuse, swearing, and sexual harassment targeting vulnerable workers such as women and young people were widespread.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor announced on the 17th that in a special labor inspection conducted on Test Tech from June to August, 16 cases of violation of the Labor Relations Act were discovered, 7 cases were criminally booked, and a fine of 31.1 million won was imposed.

In a survey in which 135 of 187 Test Tech workers participated, 84.2% of workers in their 20s and 78.7% of female workers responded that they had experienced workplace harassment.

According to the results of the investigation, in addition to verbal sexual카지노사이트 harassment to female employees, such as “If you are fat, you are unattractive as a woman,” and “You gain weight because you drink too much,” middle managers placed their hands on the hands of female subordinates and placed their shoulders on several occasions. It was found that there were acts of massaging and even acts where a male superior touched the genitals of a male employee.

In some cases, middle managers threatened subordinates by pinching their sideburns, throwing mice and keyboards, and hitting desks. It was also revealed that he had instructed a female employee to record a voice saying ‘I will not cut my hair’ and submit it as a memorandum.

In addition, it was found that 38 million won in wages was unpaid and the overtime limit (12 hours) was exceeded 27 times. A pregnant female employee was also made to work overtime.

Minister of Labor Lee Jeong-sik said, “Many young workers have suffered harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace, but no basic investigation has been conducted. We will strictly respond to illegal activities by employers to ensure that workers’ and labor rights are protected.”

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