A female teacher who was bruised from the kicking of a 6th grader and had a 3-week treatment before a lawsuit against her parents

 An elementary school teacher in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul메이저놀이터, who was assaulted by a 6th grade student, filed a lawsuit against the student’s parents for damages. This is because the child, who was in a special class due to emotional and behavioral disorders, continuously informed the parents of the child’s violent behavior, but did not discipline it, eventually leading to assaulting the teacher.

According to the legal community on the 4th, elementary school teacher A filed a damages lawsuit against the parents of 6th grade student B, who assaulted him, at the Seoul Southern District Court on the 1st of this month, demanding compensation for mental damage.

Attorney Yujin Moon, the legal representative of Mr. A, said, “It was not simply a case of assault.” that,” he claimed.

At the same time, she said, “Every time a student committed violence, I informed the parents, but there was no will to improve the child’s behavior, and the child was left undisciplined.” did,” he said.

On June 30, Group B cursed at homeroom teacher A in the classroom and punched and kicked the face and body, causing an injury for three weeks. Group B is known to have been taking a special class as a student with emotional and behavioral disorders.

When the fact of Mr. A’s damage became known through the Internet community, Mr. A’s legal representative received nearly 2,000 online and offline petitions from teachers urging strict punishment ahead of the Teacher Rights Protection Committee.

The elementary school held a teacher rights protection committee on the 19th of last month, determined that it was an infringement of educational activities, and decided to transfer department B to 12 hours of special education. It was also decided to require the parents of Group B to receive 5 hours of special education.

School rights protection committees held by schools and metropolitan/provincial offices of education can take seven measures, including school service, community service, special education, suspension of attendance, class replacement, school transfer, and expulsion, for students who violate teachers’ educational activities.

Elementary and middle schools are compulsory education courses, so expulsion is virtually impossible. For this reason, school transfer is the heaviest punishment for elementary and middle school students.

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