“Basketball is like water,” says Choi Si-woo, a KCC youth elementary student who can’t live without it.

Choi fell in love with basketball through the influence of his father, who loved the sport. With the help of the KCC youth club and his father, he developed quickly. At a young age, he realized the importance of defense over offense. In the long run, he aims to develop into a 3&D player.
In 2022, Choi was unable to play basketball for two months. During that time, he realized how much he loved the game and decided to pursue it in earnest. He is preparing to move to a middle school with an elite basketball team.

Please introduce yourself.
My name is Choi Si-woo from the KCC Youth Team. I’m in the 6th grade, 168 cm tall and 54 kg in weight. My position is forward.

How have you been doing lately?
I’m preparing to move to a middle school with an elite basketball team. I’m also busy preparing for the KCC-Samsung ‘Kesam Game’ and the KBL Youth Club Basketball Tournament in July.

How did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball in December of my second year of elementary school. I was influenced by my dad, but it was my choice to start playing basketball. My dad was very good at teaching me things I didn’t know, so my skills improved quickly.

It must have been difficult to perform well from the start.
I didn’t understand basketball, I didn’t understand tactics, I watched a lot of videos, I asked my dad a lot of questions, and I gradually improved my understanding of basketball, and I realized the importance of tactical moves in the KCC youth team.

What’s the biggest improvement you’ve made since then?
At first, I focused on offense, but since I’ve been training a lot on defense since the fifth grade, my defense has improved a lot.
You have to read the attacker’s play, check the opponent’s movements, and make a steal. It’s not easy, but fortunately, I have a good sense of defense, and thanks to my coach’s teaching, I improved quickly.

Was there a moment when you realized the importance of defense?
I realized the importance of defense in my first tournament, so I worked hard on defensive rotation drills one by one. I’m aiming to become a 3&D player in the future. I’ll work hard on defense and raise the morale of my teammates, so I’ll be a good player in the future. 먹튀검증
That doesn’t mean I only play defense, I’ve been attacking confidently in recent practices, but I want to be a player who helps the team, not a selfish player.

How did you spend 2022?
I won a lot of tournaments, including the biggest one, the KBL Youth Club Basketball Tournament, where I won the MVP. In the game against Samsung, I remember blocking their ace, Kim Yoo-chan, and in the game against Day One, I played everything from scoring to defense. However, I was very disappointed with the team’s performance, as we finished third instead of winning the tournament.

How are you preparing for 2023?
If 2022 was a year of growth, I need to show my skills in 2023. I need to take good care of my body and practice hard, so I can compete in the KBL Youth Club Competition.

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